FGC:Episode 03 Cut 107

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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A clenched fist, quivering. Kensuke looks on with a face that says, "That's gotta hurt."
Reichu: This is one place where the manga diverges. Sadamoto has Kensuke attempt to restrain Toji, but he only prevents the second punch from flying. It seems like, overall, Sadamoto made Kensuke more likeable, although, seemingly as compensation, his Toji is quite a bit less charming to start with.

Soluzar: Recalling Kensuke's remarks from 076, it's odd that he feels no guilt over his part in Shinji's beating. Granted, I don't think Kensuke is in any way horrible, just strange.

Reichu: He is a little strange. He tends to behave in a rather detached manner about most things (and is overtly zealous about the rest…), but, as the script for Scene 09 seems to imply, this is just a pretense on his part. Still, standing by and just letting Toji punch Shinji around seems rather cowardly, especially since we know he doesn't approve.