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Shinji falls back violently.
Sharp-kun: By the end of EoE, I wanted to do that so badly.

Mr. Tines: It took that long?

OMF: Not me, man! I was with Shinji all the way! For the whole series I was waiting for him to do this to everyone else — and, in a way, he did.

HeWhoPostsStuff: So where are all of the impressed students ready to defend the "pride of their school?" Gotta give Gainax one thing, they definitely capture the spirit of classroom comraderie to a tee…

Incisivis: Ow! I like this scene for a few reasons. The major one is that here is the protagonist, getting punched out like anyone. Despite his role, despite what Misato said, the ordinary citizen hates Shinji for what he's done. Also, I like Shinji's response, that he was forced to. It may not make him more lovable, but it goes a long way towards showing that everyone has their petulant, graceless moments, no matter their place in the story. Yeah, it may just be Shinji being Shinji, but the angry look on his face in 110 makes it look like he's making a sullen retort rather than trying to invoke pity, which makes him look even worse. It's not having flaws (every hero has them), but about handling them poorly that makes Shinji stand out.