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A dubious Kensuke. Students move around in the foreground

Students:“Oh, don't be so boring.”
“What's that supposed to mean?”

Girl D (OFF):“Hey, what's the name of the robot?”

Shinji (OFF)(mumbling):“I don't know much, but everyone calls it Eva, or Unit 01.”

Kensuke listens intently. Abruptly he types a memo into his personal computer.

Girl (OFF):“Eva?”

Boy A (OFF):“And what's its ultimate attack?”

Kensuke draws near again and twitches his ear.

Shinji (OFF):“Um… Some kind of knife that vibrates. No, more like ultrasonic waves.”

He types some more.

Girl A (OFF):“That's amazing. You're the pride of the school.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

SE <<Chime for the end of school>>

Soluzar: The Prog Knife sounds so dull when you say it like that.

Incisivis: "'Ultimate attack'"? I'm going to go out on a limb here and wonder if the kids are looking at the Eva battle as if it were something out of a mecha anime, even though it was real. When they cheer on the Evangelions in episode #06 might be another example, though since I haven't seen much "classic" mecha and nothing Super Robot, I can't say for sure. Kensuke's reverent attitude towards Eva piloting that we'll see in the next episode is another example.

It might all be an attempt to "de-glamorize" Shinji even more, since he doesn't live up to the "heroic" standards that other anime suggest, and I've noticed that even with characters considered analogous to Shinji, their suffering seems more romanticized and tame compared to his. Or it may be promoting the distance between Shinji and his classmates; they have no idea what he's experiencing, so they project their own mythical notions onto it.

Reichu: Uh, huh huh huh, he said "vibrates". (Sorry, I had to.)

OMF: Kensuke's laptop is a different color from the others; I'd guess his hardware is a cut above the standard issue school laptops.

thewayneiac: Wasn't that an awfully short school day?