FGC:Episode 03 Cut 100

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C100b.jpg

03 C100c.jpg

03 C100d.jpg

A fidgety Shinji is surrounded on all sides.

Students:“That's so awesome.”

Shinji:“No… That is…”

The girls who are still standing lean forward and bombard him with questions.

Girl A:“Hey, hey, how were you chosen?”

Girl D:“Were there any tests?”

Girl B:“Weren't you scared?”

Girl C:“What's the cockpit look like?”

Shinji:“Um… (looks away) That's all secret…”

Classroom Chatter:“That's so incredible!” “Cool.” Etc.

Reichu: This would have been an opportune moment for Shinji to spin some elaborate BS. His classmates look like they would buy just about anything.

Dr. Nick: Sweet Jesus! Groupies!

Mr. Tines: Shinji's fangirls have no staying power. We never see them again after this.

thewayneiac: What about Ep. 05 when they girls at the school pool complain that Toji is watching them, and then cheerily call out "Hi, Shinji!"?

Soluzar: Maybe Asuka warns them off…

Reichu: All of them utilize seiyuu recycling, BTW:
Girl A = Yuko Miyamura (Asuka)
Girl B = Miki Nagasawa (Maya)
Girl C = Kotono Mitsuishi (Misato)
Girl D = Megumi Hayashibara (Rei)