FGC:Episode 03 Cut 095

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C095.jpg

The cursor moves as Y-e-s appears letter-by-letter. At the cut's end, a Return Mark appears.

SE <<Key-touch sounds>>

tv33: Jeeze! What kind of secret organization is this? Hasn't Shinji ever heard the expression "loose lips sink ships?"

Reichu: I'm surprised there aren't any men in black following Shinji around solely to prevent muck-ups like this.

Magami No ER: Like most kids my age dealing with "secret organizations", he either forgot (what would've happened to me) or just didn't even care. However, I don't know how secretive Nerv would be in Tokyo-3 anyway. If these girls posing the questions were in a evacutation shelter, how did they know about a "giant robot" in the first place?

OMF: Maybe Shinji tells them because he's trying to impress them. Maybe he's trying to make friends. If I had to guess though, I'd say he simply tells them the truth because not responding would be impolite, and lying would be just… well… wrong! Both Shinji's morals and sense of propriety are equally inflexible. Besides, what could possibly go awry!

Though this question could easily be asked at many points throughout the show, why the hell is Shinji using Latin script and English words here? Is this solely for the benefit of internationalisation costs?

Reichu: Because English is "kuuru ando hippu" (which is how you'd probably say "cool and hip" if you were a Japanese kid with such a misguided appreciation for English).