FGC:Episode 03 Cut 087

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
On the monitor, CALL flashes on and off.
Mr. Tines: And what OS are they running? For once, it's a computer shown in the media that is not running some flavour of MacOS. They are clearly networked, but are just acting like "glass typewriters", 1970s style — a lot lower tech than in cut #002, whatever the means for achieving that display.

Soluzar: :Nods: This is significantly lower tech than existed at the time the show was made. Sometimes they seem to forget that it's supposed to be the future. You couldn't give those things away in 2004, let alone 2015. You can get more processing power in a fridge these days.

Sharp-kun: It's Generic Inconsistent Anime OS.

Mr. Tines: It's odd, though — Apple machines had pervaded the world of graphic design by the end of the '80s (in contrast to the PC dominance in the office apps market). I would have expected at least a hint of a windowing system, not the fairly retro-tech non-graphical display we see here.

But then in later episodes (really anything before EoE) we see similar text-based terminals in Nerv, too. This is a place where Eva-tech is behind mid-1990s levels (as opposed to the contemporary level of telephone technology), but not in an area which one would expect to have suffered from 2I-induced effects. Is there any sub-text here?

Hexon.Arq: Would it not be practical to say that in a world that has decided to provide (probably) every student with a console in the wake of the probable reaches of the economic strain caused by Second Impact (even a decade and a half later), it would be cheaper to give them all ass-ugly Tiger LCD numbers? Do you want them to hand over top-'a-the-line Macs to a bunch of snot-nosed children?

Reichu: When the future of the planet rests on their shoulders, it's the least the school system could do.