FGC:Episode 03 Cut 085

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C085b.jpg

The students are all bored, as if they're thinking, "Not again."

Old Teacher:“Thousands of species and half of the human population were lost forever. That was the so-called 'Second Impact'.”

Mr. Tines: The class is full again, ready to mob the new kid.

AchtungAffen: It seems that they didn't let go of any students after all.

Reichu: So Kensuke was misinformed? :gasp:

OMF: I don't think he was. Given the empty classrooms shown in 082, it might be reasonable to suggest that they've lumped the remaining students — who are only be here because… well, you know — into one or more classrooms. Everyone else has moved due to the crisis, including the previous teacher, so they drafted in a retired old guy living in the general area. That's my idea anyways.

Mr. Tines: Note here that the laptops only have one cable — so either they're all running on batteries or all using wireless networking. Ah, the innocence of the days when the 'net was only just starting to reach the general public.