FGC:Episode 03 Cut 076

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Toji has a glaring expression. Kensuke blinks.

Toji:“Man, that robot's pilot was plain awful! I'm downright pissed off! What the hell's the point of our own guy wreckin' the city?”

Kensuke leans forward and whispers.

Kensuke:“Speaking of which, did you hear the rumor about the transfer student?”

Toji:“———Transfer student?”

He points with his chin to a suspicious Toji as he speaks.

Kensuke:“Him, over there.”

Magami no ER: To save you from a giant green monster with a bird-like face? But seriously, Toji has the right to be upset.

Reichu: Although he should be upset at the Eva herself, not Shinji. ;;>

Shin-seiki: Kensuke comes across as a bit of a weasel in this episode, IMO.

Soluzar: One can't help but consider his remarks here somewhat ill advised…