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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C075a.jpg

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Toji's legs.

Toji (OFF):“My kid sister… was crushed beneath a pile of debris… She survived, but she's been in the hospital ever since. Both my pop and gramps work at the lab, and there's no way they can leave their posts right now. So, if I ain't with her, she's all alone at the hospital.”

Soluzar: I see. 24-hours-a-day jobs. Allowing for sleep, even, 16-hours-a-day jobs. It's a tough life in Tokyo-3.

OMF: Gendo runs a tight ship. I doubt anyone asks for time off in Nerv.

thewayneiac: Major Plot Point Alert! If there's no one else but Toji, his father, and his grandfather, what member of his family that you would normally expect to hear about here is missing?

Reichu: What's with the bold? It's only a "major plot point" for a measly two episodes. ;;>

Sharp-kun: "The lab"? Nerv, perhaps?

Keisuke-kun: I think all the students' parents work (or have worked) for Nerv (or Gehirn).

Reichu: It makes sense. If you think about it, that's probably the real reason why these kids are in Class 2-A. But, er, not to get ahead of things again…

thewayneiac: Also, I've always wondered, did the shelter she was in collapse, or did she not evacuate for some reason?

Reichu: Assuming she was in a shelter, NGE might be making the subtle point early on that, even in the shelters, you're not really safe from the calamity above. (We'll see a rather, erm, vivid example of this in a much later episode.)