FGC:Episode 03 Cut 062

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C062a.jpg

03 C062b.jpg

Hastily tries to hide printout in class desk. He pushes it two times.

Kensuke (OFF):“Well...”

OMF: Sigh! It would appear that even in Tokyo-3 the paperless office is still just a pipe dream. I wonder why the hell students simply aren't e-mailed the daily printouts? Perhaps by 2015 e-mail really has been made unusable by Viagra and mortgage spam!

HeWhoPostsStuff: An early indication of Kensuke's self-centered personality. He's been so engrossed in his own fantasizing this whole time that he's forgotten completely about his friend.

Reichu: You think he was lying when he said nobody was at the Suzuhara residence? Toji flat-out tells us that his father and grandfather are always at work, and Toji himself has been keeping his sister company at the hospital.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Why do you think he tries to hide all the papers he was supposed to have given Toji when Hikari comes by? I'll bet they never even left his desk. If he actually tried to get the stuff to Toji, then what does he have to feel guilty about?