FGC:Episode 03 Cut 058

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Shinji gazes at her and sits down.

BGM END: B-1 [Hedghog's Dilemma]

Soluzar: Here, Shinji makes the wise decision to not hit on a severely wounded girl. It's a tough choice, especially with that whole subconscious Oedipal attraction thing going on!

Reichu: Flirting? What would Shinji know of such things? Subconscious Oedipal attraction or no, I think a lot of the staring Shinji does at Rei is motivated by this naggingly intense sensation of familiarity.

Incisivis: (045~058) I love this entire sequence. The "Hedgehog's Dilemma" BGM perfectly reflects Shinji's mood: slow, melancholy, and subdued. Ritsuko's description of him is spot-on, and somehow these aspects and everything else just work together so well, you get a clear picture of how Shinji's feeling. There's a very realistic feel to the scenes, too — as I can attest, since I behaved pretty much like Shinji does in a school setting when I was his age, and was told almost the exact same things, only without involving hedgehogs. I also like how the fable ties in not only with Shinji, but to NGE's characters in general: When people get close in this series, they hurt each other in a number of different ways.