FGC:Episode 03 Cut 051

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C051.jpg

Boys reading weekly comics.

Ritsuko (OFF):“…the more they injure each other with their spines.”

Soluzar: dumbass n00b]But Shinji doesn't have any spines on his body! I don't get it!!!! Waaaahhhh!! This show SuX0rZ!![/dumbass n00b]

Mr. Tines: Nor one in it, come to that! ;)

Reichu: Thankfully, I've never heard of any n00bs who couldn't comprehend this particular metaphor.

Dr. Nick: Okay Soluzar, since you started the stupid jokes this time, let me ask you something: Do you know how hedgehogs have sex? ……… Carefully. Very, very carefully.

Reichu: Funny, I thought that was said of porcupines? Same difference, I suppose.

Speaking of which… In Japanese, Ritsuko speaks of the "yama'arashi no JIREMA", translated as "hedgehog's dilemma". However, it had been my understanding that the Japanese word for "hedgehog" was harinezumi — indeed, this is what our old buddy Sonic is identified as — whereas yama'arashi referred to porcupines. They are completely different animals, after all. (On a pointless side note, the collective term "porcupines" actually encompasses unrelated animals, not unlike "vultures".)