FGC:Episode 03 Cut 045

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
Cell phone on top of a desk.

Misato (OFF):“———. Since I figured he'd need one, I gave him a cell phone a while back.”

Gundampilotspaz: The ability of Anno to take a single object and mold the basis for a character as complex as Shinji is amazing.

tv33: I guess cell phones really are getting too small, seeing as how in the future they decided to make them the same size they were in, I don't know, say 1995?

Gundampilotspaz: We are seeing a skewed future here. The world nearly ended and science has been geared toward the survival of the human race, not small phones.

Reichu: This recalls Dr. Nick's earlier comment about NGE's "futuristic technology" (or, ahem, lack thereof). It's "futuristic" only as needed, and otherwise representative of the mid-90's

Hexon.Arq: You know, now that I think of it, that phone really doesn't seem that big; it just has a tiny display. It's more outdated in aesthetics than size… What? Don't look at me like that! Hey, some of us can't afford those little E-sized tablet phones that are all the rage now, so hmmph!