FGC:Episode 03 Cut 042

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
The desk from above. A full ashtray. Small cat ornaments. Documents.

Misato (OFF - TEL):“Oh, you mean Shinji-kun. He transferred into school two weeks ago and he hasn't changed.”

Keisuke-kun: First time I saw this I thought, 'Goddamn she smokes a lot!'

Hexon.Arq: Doesn't that woman have a Nerv trash bin? Those things are gonna start rolling off that tray pretty soon. "How many butts can we possibly draw on this tray? Let's see…"

Soluzar: This shows the age of the show. I bet there isn't a desk job in the world that still would allow smoking. Thankfully. Bleugh, see how many butts are in that ashtray? Her breath can probably penetrate A.T. Fields.

Reichu: :lol: They should have sent Ritsuko out to face Shamshel!

Shin-seiki: While I generally tend to regard Ritsuko as possessing above-average physical attractiveness, I must say that chain-smoking is a big turn-off. Kissing a girl who smokes is about as inviting as licking an ashtray.

Reichu: While I really am no expert on the matter, it's my impression that Japan generally seems to be "behind" Western nations, the U.S. especially, regarding its policies and social views on cigarette smoking. I doubt the fact that Ritsuko smokes so heavily would phaze many Japanese males. I'm uncertain of the policies regarding smoking in the office there, but, elsewhere in Nerv, I think smoking is restricted to the employee lounges we see later on. But Ritsuko IS one of the head honchos and she's got this spacious office all to herself. If she smokes in isolation, no one can complain.

Keisuke-kun: I think most Japanese women smoke in secret. My host mom (while I was studying in Japan) did. I never saw her smoke, but if I come down in the middle of the night I could smell smoke in the living room.

Shin-seiki: On a side note, here's the first appearance of her little cat figurines, which symbolize something that doesn't come up till near the end of the series.