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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C036.jpg

Weather Girl::“As you dive into the sea you can clearly see an abundance of fish. It makes me think of catching some for tonight's dinner.”

The room is slightly dark, except for the white from Misato's room, which Shinji peers into.

Misato (OFF):“Are you used to school yet?”

The bad timing sours the conversation.

Shini (from behind):“Yeah…”

Misato (OFF):“Alright. See you later.”

Weather Girl:“Although the submerged town brings back sad memories, this is a hot diving spot.”

Shinji (from behind):“Later.”

Incisivis: ("Are you used to school yet?") The script notes bad timing, and this question also comes across as feeling "scripted" rather than natural, as if Misato just wanted to do what's expected. Besides the fact that she's really tired, one wonders if she cut off the conversation because she felt she'd "done her duty".

Hexon.Arq: To this day, possibly due to my lack of reason to be that observant visually, I'm totally clueless about the layout of that apartment. Also, the girl on the radio is diving over a submerged town — I wonder if they still have aqua-looters at this point? You could have made an entire subplot about someone doing a little yesteryear archaeology.

Reichu: Misato says "Itterasshai"; Shinji, "Ittekimasu". Wada-kun notes the following in the LTP:

"JAPANESE GREETING LESSON: We always say 'ITTERASSHAI' when someone who belongs to the place leave there. We always say 'ITTEKIMASU' when we leave home (or the place where we belong to, like the office)."

Keisuke-kun: Another note on itterasshai: Let's say I'm gonna go to Tsutaya (or Blockbuster, same thing). I want my friend to come along, so I hint at this by saying something like "Hey, I'm going to Tsutaya…" ("Boku wa Tsutaya ni iku"). Well, if he doesn't want to go, he can just say, "Hai, itterasshai", meaning you're the only one who's going.