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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Weather Girl:“We never see snow these days, instead, due to the recent warmth, aquatic life has been coming back little by little.”

Shinji, through the gap of the fusuma.

Shinji:“Then I'll…”

He is about to shut the door when Misato abruptly speaks. Shinji notices and stops.

Misato (OFF):“Is today Thursday?”

OMF: This whole scene really emphasises the poor relationship between the two characters at this point. They haven't connected at all. Misato's seeming lack of interest in him is contributing to Shinji's low regard for himself. He probably feels he's just an Eva pilot to her.

Soluzar: He clearly is disappointed that all she wants from him is to dispose of the trash.

Reichu: I think if Misato told Shinji what she REALLY wanted this early, he would have run away now instead of in the next episode… "Misato-san! You just think of me as a side-dish, don't you?"

Mr. Nice: "No, I think of you as dessert." :devil:

(Reichu: This "side-dish" thing emerged as a forum in-joke at ANF. Its origins will be explained in full much later, but, until then, see here. )