FGC:Episode 03 Cut 022

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C022a.jpg

03 C022b.jpg

Ritsuko and Ibuki monitoring Eva. Ibuki looks at Ritsuko.

SE <<Continuous explosion sounds, movement of electronic machinery sounds (explosion sounds at the beginning of the cut)>>

Ibuki:“But I wonder how Shinji-kun brought himself to pilot it.”

Ritsuko:“He just obediently goes along with what others say. That's his secret of success in life…”

Shin-seiki: It's fair to say that Ritsuko is reading Shinji "like a book" here, yet this episode will prove that Shinji is capable of acting on his own initiative (however psychotic he seems while doing so…).

Soluzar: Shinji can have his stroppy moments, as Ritsuko will find out. I think it would be more true to say (knowing what we know at the end of the series) that he tries to please everyone as much as possible, in the pursuit of praise. That's really his reason for living.

Reichu: The catch, of course, is that he wants praise without emotional risk — i.e., without having to get close to anyone. It's okay if he dies, but heaven forbid he should have to really connect with his fellow human beings in any way. Whoops, I'm getting ahead of things here, aren't I?