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Shinji, inside Eva's entry plug.

Ritsuko (OFF - radio):“Good morning, Shinji-kun. How are you?”

SE <<Cockpit interior sound (fade-in)>>

His words are disinterested in tone.

Shinji:“I'm getting used to it. I think it's tolerable.”

Ritsuko (OFF - radio):“That's good. Have you memorized all of the Eva emergence points, emergency power sources, armament building locations, and recovery spots?”


Ritsuko (OFF - radio):“Then, let's review one more time.”

Shin-seiki: Ritsuko here, as is so often the case, is serving as a conduit for background information and exposition for the audience's benefit (sort of like Basil Exposition in Austin Powers).

Keisuke-kun: It's interesting to note that the level of learning required for piloting the Eva is kinda like school. Japanese students are under constant pressure to study — and when they're done, they study some more. The Japanese school system is basically preparation for the tests required to get into high school, college, and finally to get a job. It all requires a lot of very serious study, and some students can't handle the stress, which is why Japan has the highest suicide rate (last I checked). The way Shinji has to memorize all of the Eva features, exits, weapon depots, etc., is a similar expectation.

TheUserName: As demonstrated in the last episode, the plugsuit isn't required for synchronization with the Eva, only those clips that are attached to the head. I can only assume that they monitor and transmit the pilot's thoughts and brainwave patterns to the Eva, in order for her to be active (at least until she goes berserk). The plug suit then, must serve as some sort of protective field gear.

Reichu: Actually, the "clips" are not clips at all, but the visible parts of the "Interface Headset". The entire thing is never (AFAIK) seen in the show, but there are at least two depictions of it about: A production drawing of Shinji's and [[|File:Hasegawa pilots crop.jpg|an illustration by Shinya Hasegawa]] featuring Rei's. Shinji and Rei's are of the same make, but Asuka's are clearly different; hers could well be clips, since she apparently uses them like large barettes to hold her hair back.

This seems like an opportune time to throw in a few tidbits on the plugsuits. To save myself some initial effort, here's the entry from the Death & Rebirth Deluxe Program:

The special clothing worn by Eva pilots which works to raise the synchronization rate. When boarding Eva, the pilots generally put on this suit and attach interface headsets to their heads. This suit is molded as a single piece covering from neck to toe, and has a structure similar to a wet-suit. Although rather loose immediately after it is put on, clicking on a switch on the wrist adheres the suit to the body and allows easy movement. Various information can also be obtained from a hand monitor display on the back of the hand. There are various types (D-type, etc.) depending on the operation.

The idea that the plug suit has some kind of noteworthy effect on synchronization is something that gets thrown out the window when it suits the creators (consult episodes #19 and #26'). The rest of the time, exactly how a glorified wet-suit "works to raise the synchronization rate" is just one of those things you accept without questioning…

Additionally, the plugsuit allows the pilot's various vital statistics to be monitored, along with providing some life support measures in emergency situations (such as a built-in heating function and even a defibrillator).

Hexon.Arq: The suits are probably made out of latex. The gloves might have some lining in them, but it's pretty hard to suck the air out of a wet-suit underlining without having all kinds of lumps.

Reichu: Anticipate a supplemental feature on Eva-Pilot technical minutiae later, where the above stuff will eventually resettle.

Hexon.Arq: What exactly is a "recovery spot"? Do we ever see them in the series? From the sound of it, I'm reminded of something from a video game where you stand still and regenerate HP, but its applicability here seems absurd.

Reichu: Not THAT kind of 'recovery', silly. "Calling-back", "collection", "withdrawal", etc. Misato tells Shinji to retreat to a "Recovery Route 280" later this episode