FGC:Episode 02 Cut 264

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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She strikes the top of the Angel and holds fast as he tries to shake her off. Soon, she is once again airborne.
Reichu: : If you're paying close attention, you'll notice that EVA-01 is trying to rip off Sachiel's face here. We'll see the actual damage shortly.

On another note, I wonder where all of those sparks in thumbnail B come from? Friction from the soles of the Eva's "shoes" seems improbable, as the "shoes" are clearly made out of a flexible, non-metallic material. I also have to wonder how Sachiel manages to continue standing while there's an Eva kneeling/squatting on his chest. He must have abs of steel in that spindly waist of his.

For a moment, it looks as though Sachiel's hand is on the Eva's arse… He's a bit too high, but I still find it amusing. "Oh, baby, you got buns of steel! Now… get the hell off me!!"