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She flies toward the front of the screen, rolling once in mid-air.
Reichu: And for the first time, we see the Evas' faculty for performing gymastic stunts, with a level of grace and majesty I'm sure most "giant robots" lack. Of course, in real life, it would be impossible for something as large as an Eva to move like this, if at all. (Elephants can't even run, lest they break all of their limbs!) Evas are basically giant humans, just with slightly different proportions, but in actuality one cannot simply magnify a smaller organism and expect it to still work; larger lifeforms, by their very nature, cannot be built the same as smaller ones (at least when you have gravity as a limiting factor).

Shin-seiki: This involves what is known as the "square/cube" law: If you increase the size of an object that retains its shape and proportions, its surface area will increase as a function of the square of the size increase, while the volume (and thus the mass) will be cubed. Thus if you doubled the size of a man, his surface area (for example, the size of the soles of his feet that would be bearing his increased weight, or the cross-section of the bones in his legs) would be 2² (= 4 times), while his weight would be 2³ (= 8 times). This puts a practical limit on the size of terrestrial life that makes a creature the size of, say, King Kong a bio-physical impossibility…

thewayneiac: Exactly. When people talk about the great weights that ants can lift relative to their own weight, they often end with, "An ant the size of a human could lift the Empire State Building!" This is not true; an ant that size couldn't even lift itself.

tv33: For anyone interested, there was rather funny parody of this scene in "Burn-Up Excess" involving a giant transvestite.

Reichu: You may also remember this as C-064 from the OP. The animation itself is identical, save for the fact that she has the missing eye here. There is a coloration blooper here not present in OP/C-064, though — the clavicular plate is supposed to be purple. An error present in both is that the soles of her "shoes" are supposed to be yellow-orange, not grey.

If you ever watch scenes from this anime frame-by-frame and have an eye for nitpicking, you're bound to catch some of these coloration errors. They are more plentiful than it would be within the bounds of good taste for me to point out — so, by and by, I won't bother.