FGC:Episode 02 Cut 260

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C260a.jpg

02 C260b.jpg

02 C260d.jpg

BGM START: E-5 fast tempo [THE BEAST]

The Eva lifts her head and bellows.


Keisuke-kun: NOW it's completely out of control.

Reichu: This is the real reason I watch NGE.

The Eva roars are basically modified human vocalizations. Try shouting into a microphone, pitch-shift it down, and you'll probably end up with something fairly Eva-like. There is more to making an Eva roar than that, I assume, but that's the secret of NGE's sound engineers… In my opinion, the Evas' various roars, grunts, and bellows have not been even adequately replicated in any dubbing efforts (one has to wonder why the Evas need to be dubbed over in the first place…). Even Gainax's redubs for DEATH were inferior — there's just no beating the original.

thewayneiac: In the commentary for the English dub of DEATH, AWL says they had to dub the Eva cries because they were on the dialogue track instead of the sound effects track. Wow, some actual information!

Reichu: Notice here how a joint in the mandibular piece pops open as she opens her mouth as wide as it (one would hope) goes… I'm not sure why this piece of armor would need such a joint, though.