FGC:Episode 02 Cut 259

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C259.jpg

Ritsuko (shock):“It's gone berserk…”

Man (OFF):“Confirmation of internal body status is extremely difficult.”

BGM END: E-5 fast tempo, rhythm only

Reichu: Bousou literally just means "running wild" or "out of control" (and is often used in reference to motorcyclists, interestingly enough). Translating it as "berserk" is a bit loose, since going "berserk" is much more specific than simply being "out of control". Arguably, though, it's strangely appropriate in EVA-01's case:

When we say that we are going berserk, we may not realize how extreme a state this might be. Our adjective comes from the noun berserker, or berserk, which is from the Old Norse word berserkr, "a wild warrior or champion."Such warriors wore hides of bears … [and] became frenzied in battle, howling like animals, foaming at the mouth, and biting the edges of their iron shields. Berserker is first recorded in English in the early 19th century, long after these wild warriors ceased to exist. Source

HeWhoPostsStuff: I doubt this matters much, but if I remember correctly, "berserkers" were supposed to have been soldiers blessed by the god Odin when they were about to expire, and given extraordinary strength with which to continue battling.

Reichu: Now, imagine, an NGE in which NORSE mythology is the source of Pointless Religious Symbolism! The Evas become Valkyries! The Spear of Longinus becomes the Hammer of Thor! The Tree of Life becomes Yggdrasil! And, of course, Keel Lorenz becomes a NORSE cyborg. Maybe there's some worthwhile parody potential in there…

UrsusArctos: The word "berserk" is actually used to describe this state in Episode 07.