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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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BGM START: B-16 rhythm only

Without delay, Misato hits the beer and starts chugging away.

Misato:“Fuhaaaaah! Kuuuuuuu! Life just doesn't get any better than this!”

Shin-seiki: Shinji finds himself living in a beer commercial.

OMF: From her reaction at the end of the cut, I think she was trying to make him laugh with her outrageous quaffing. This is where she begins the act she'll mention in 156.

Reichu: You don't think she drinks like a maniac when she only has a penguin for an audience?

OMF: I think it's the way she quaffs it. When she was on her own she probably just sat there sullenly guzzling the stuff down, eventually getting drunk enough to fling a few bottles at the refrigerator where Pen2 was cowering! ;)

Reichu: Nahhh. Why scare the bird when you can make him drunk, too?

HeWhoPostsStuff: I wonder how accurately this translated into the "Yeeee-haaawww!" that the ADV dub used here…

Reichu: Well, they're in Texas, what do you expect? Vocalizations of this sort don't really translate into anything, so the best one can really do is approximate; that is, come up with some nonsensical exclamation that captures the feeling of the original and sounds "natural" in whatever language one is translating into. I didn't bother. She's getting merrily pissed — that's all we need to know.

This BGM is the "rhythm only" version of Misato's memorable theme (named, appropriately enough, "MISATO"). It's available in addition to the original track on "S² Works", though, honestly, I've never been able to hear a difference between the two.

Hexon.Arq: I absolutely love the brief quotation of this music from the Eva Symphony album. I wish there had been a full performance. We could easily have settled for a single performance of Pachelbel's Canon.

02 C123f.jpg

Finally, she notices Shinji.