FGC:Episode 02 Cut 120

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C120b.jpg

Misato's room, a fluorescent light in front. Considerable clutter lies about her unmade bed. Further in, Misato is changing her clothes.

Shinji (OFF):“Err… What's with the other refrigerator?”

Misato:“Ah, don't mind that. He's probably still sleeping.”

Shin-seiki: Misato changes into "something more comfortable," as they say. It is interesting to note how her get-up here (short shorts, loose fitting T-shirt, and apparently no bra) matches what Asuka wears when she tries to "put the moves" on Shinji (#09 and #15).

Reichu: Can't blame a woman for shedding the bra. Did you know that not only do bras accelerate breast saggage by contributing to the atrophication of the relevant ligaments, they can also serve as a risk factor in the development of breast cancer? But… I digress. A lot.

thewayneiac: The "camera" should have been placed in a more advantageous position.

Reichu: It is interesting how Anno likes to put large things in the foreground that obscure potentially interesting details… The light here detracts from what is actually a very nicely-animated sequence (the key frame drawings of which can be seen in Groundwork of Evangelion Vol. 1). And as thewayneiac said, it puts the fanboys at a disadvantage.

Sharp-kun: Ironic really, given the promises of "more service".

Reichu: More car magazines here, BTW