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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

02 C116a.jpg

02 C116b.jpg

He opens yet another door, within which there's only beer.

Shinji (OFF):“And nothing but beer…”

Dr. Nick:: Now here's a fun detail: A couple of episodes from now, the beer brand magically changes into Yebichu. This is what Eva Sage's mailing list FAQ (line 1208, or Ctrl+F yebisu) says:

The name of Misato's beer was changed to Yebichu when it was aired on TV and then to Yebisu for the Video release.* … Yebisu … is definitely a real beer. However, after complaints by the brewers, in episode 2 the name was changed to "Yebichu", which may also be a homage to a manga series, "Oruchuban [Ebichu]".
According to Carl Horn the brand name was retracted because the TV network which broadcast the series objected because the brewers of "Yebisu" did not advertise with them, and didn't want to give the brewers free publicity!

* Reichu: This was apparently in episode #02 only. Also, forget the "may be a homage" — it 100% is. We'll cover that later, though.