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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Misato:“A welcoming party for my new roommate, of course!”
Shin-seiki: (075~076) I detect an almost 'desperately' perky and upbeat tone to Misato's demeanor here and in the scene where they arrive home; she is sooo happy to have someone around to talk to and hang with.

HeWhoPostsStuff: And give most of the chores to, and tease, and boss around, and…

Incisivis: I find Misato's portrayal for most of the first few episodes interesting, because it seems to define her as quirky, optimistic, and free-spirited, but with glimpses of something more. I'm wondering if that portrayal is one of the many reasons fans tend to "go easier" on the female characters; with Shinji the story plunges right into depression and issues, but with Asuka and Misato there's some hint-dropping with a more "positive" image, before it gets going. Even Rei's weirdness could be attributed to being "mysterious" instead of being simply unbalanced.