FGC:Episode 02 Cut 073

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A passage inside the ceiling city. Misato makes a phone call while Shinji stands alone.

Misato:“Like I said, I'll take care of Shinji-kun. I've already got permission from the brass… …And don't worry, it's not like I'm going to "put the moves" on a kid.”

Ritsuko (OFF - TEL):“Of course you're not! What the hell are you thinking? You're always like that. Honestly!”

Misato holds the receiver away.

Misato:“She could never take a joke.”

thewayneiac: Why don't I believe her?

Shin-seiki: Here Anno presents us with a nice little "irony bomb," which will tick away, out of sight and out of mind, until it goes off around twenty or so episodes later.

There's a lot of Freud referenced in NGE, and one of his ideas is that 'unacceptable' thoughts and desires cannot be suppressed entirely: They tend to come to the surface one way or another, "Freudian slips" being one example, or, as we see here, they get expressed as 'mere jokes'; and I would say this is a pretty self-implicating joke for Misato to make. As Ritsuko quite rightly puts it: "What the hell are you thinking!" Why would it even occur to Misato to say such a thing, unless the idea was lurking somewhere, perhaps subconsciously, in the back of her mind?…