FGC:Episode 01 Cut 176

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 176

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She unzips the suit down her back.

Ritsuko:“I'm amazed.”

tv33: (174~187) I think our first impressions of Ritsuko are very important. She is portrayed as being sexy, in control, and very influential; even the gung-ho Misato is slightly intimidated by her. And this is exactly what Ritsuko wants wants; this is the image she tries so hard to put out, despite the fact that she is just as messed up inside as the rest of the cast.

Incisivis: I agree with you, except for the “sexy” part. Even though Ritsuko usually wears lipstick and earrings, and wears very short skirts, I never get the impression that she was very outwardly sexual or sexually self-conscious. Until we heard about that thing with Gendo (:barf:), I thought that such things really didn't matter to Ritsuko. (Heck, I suspect that Ritsuko thought such things didn't matter to her until it happened).

tv33: I don't think she is either (probably because I want to go Naoko on her), but in this very first scene we see of her, she is seductively unzipping her wet suit. I think the animators show this for more than just fan service. It helps build her image, which is destroyed later in the series. At first glance it seems like she has it all — looks, power, intelligence — but we later find out even she has problems.

Incisivis: I tend to think of this scene as fan service, myself, just because the idea of Ritsuko as “sexy” isn't really followed up on. I also wouldn't classify it as a “seductive” gesture, just something she was doing that the “camera” dwelt on