FGC:Episode 01 Cut 170

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 170

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

01 C170.jpg

Woman:“…closed passages will remain in this condition.”

As it opens, a gust of wind sweeps over Misato and Shinji. Man (OFF):“Keep the defense system up to the 2nd layer on level 4.”

MDWigs: They are inside, underground… Where is the wind coming from?

Reichu: Perhaps it's due to a difference in air pressure between the chambers?

MDWigs: That's likely it, as wind is only caused by changes in air pressure. Still, you would think they would have better environmental controls in the place (considering it can withstand an N² blast).

HeWhoPostsStuff: Is there a Law of Anime regarding Dramatic Wind and Windblown Stuff? If there isn't there definitely should be:

(Proposed) Law of Histrionic Atmospherics:

Whenever a dramatic moment calls for it, and there is something available which is lightweight enough to be moved by a breeze (a character's hair/clothes, curtains, leaves, etc.), wind WILL suddenly start blowing, even if the scene takes place in an enclosed room with no ventilation, windows, or other "usual" means for causing air to move.