FGC:Episode 01 Cut 142

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 142

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Officer C:“We expect much from you.”

The officers' table drops down.

Woman A (OFF):“No change yet in target.”

Hyuga (OFF):“Currently, our intercept system is only 7.5% effective.”

HeWhoPostsStuff: Well, thanks for playing ‘Defenders of Humanity’, your parting gifts are backstage. Be sure to tune in next week, same Nerv time, same Nerv channel!”

thewayneiac: Why do they disappear into a hole in the floor? Where does it go?

Reichu: An even better question is why they leave at all! Any man with an Abraham Lincoln beard, Mickey Mouse gloves, and red-tinted glasses is no man to be trusted!

Sharp-kun: “Currently, our intercept system is only 7.5% effective.” Of course, even when 100% complete Nerv's “intercept system” has utterly no effect on the Angels (and later against the JSSDF). You have to wonder why they even built the thing.

Shin-seiki: Having all that (useless) firepower is consistent with Nerv's ostensible purpose of fighting the Angels, and serves to camouflage its true purpose (initiating HIP).

Additional Commentary  

Sharp-kun: Not really. As soon as they fought Sachiel, everyone knew they had the Evas and that conventional weapons were useless. They could have had just as good a cover without the intercept system.

Shin-seiki: Well, this is (on the surface, at any rate) an action-oriented anime; one can never have too many guns, missiles, and explosions…

Reichu: Notice how the Nerv mark is on the wall behind the command chair. This logo is just ALL over the place. Mr. Browning's estate must be getting some big-ass royalties.