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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 103-1

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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Misato (MONO):“This sucks! I just had my car restored and it's a total wreck already! 33 more loan payments to go, plus the cost of repairs. Even worse, my only decent clothes have been ruined.”

Hexon.Arq: Now, is it just me. or does this particular BGM sound a lot like The Girl From Ipanema?

HeWhoPostsStuff: In my view, the NGE soundtrack is very “retro”in its style, and Barefoot in the Park in particular underscores that. Seriously, this track belongs in the background of a 1950's sitcom or something. Of course, Fly Me to the Moon is an even more obvious example of this sort of thing, as is Misato's theme.

Reichu: This is the sort of silly little scene that typifies the first half of the series. They peak in frequency when Asuka shows up, but they become a rare commodity as the show turns increasingly dark. With a show as complicated and profound as NGE, it's nice to know that it doesn't take itself completely seriously.

Sephizim: I always found it interesting that "Barefoot in the Park" appears among a bunch of upbeat yet ultimately unused tracks in S^2 works. Listening to some of these tracks, you have to wonder how Sagisu conceptualized the show while he was composing, considering that this piece is really only used in an ironic kind of way...

Sailor Star Dust: I really love how this light-hearted scene already prepares the audience for NGE's introspective second half.

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Shinji (OFF):“Um, Misato-san.”

She doesn't hear him.

Misato (MONO):“And I was in such a good mood…”

Shinji (OFF):“Um, Misato-san.”

She finally returns to reality.

Misato:“W-what is it?”

Reichu: At about this point, I have to start screaming, “Get your eyes back on the road, woman!”

OMF: (100 ~ 126 ) This is a nice scene that contrasts Shinji's prudish nature with Misato's more carefree attitude rather well.

Kendrix: It's a common strategy of Anno's to insert pictures of what a person is currently talking about along with the dialogue. Also, note how the black background signifies her monologueing in her "internal world" while the regular BG comes back once Shinji's voice gets her back down to earth.