FGC:Episode 01 Cut 066

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 066

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Officer B strikes the desk with his fist.

Officer B (OFF):“Why!? That must have been a direct hit!!”

Officer A:“The tank battalion's been annihilated. Guided missiles and artillery have no effect either.”

Woman (OFF):“No damage against the target discerned.”

Man (OFF):“No response from the primary troop. It appears to be completely annihilated.”

Woman (OFF):“Unable to confirm signs of the 6th aviation platoon.”

Reichu: One of the things I've noticed about NGE that sets it apart from many other anime (e.g., Cowboy Bebop) is the lack of emphasis on smoking. Sure, you see ash trays, you see somebody put a cigarette out (episode #11), you even hear some details about Misato's habit that you might not even want to know (#20) — but, aside from Ritchan in #21, you never actually have to see people smoking. Considering that smoking is far more prevalent in Japan than it is in America today, I find this trait of NGE odd, but nonetheless refreshing (being a nonsmoker with zero tolerance for the habit myself).

Interestingly, though, the anime is where this lack of emphasis stops. Sadamoto has a habit of depicting Kaji with cigs in the manga and elsewhere,and in bonus images from the various PC card games, Kaji, Ritsuko, and even Gendo can all be seen with smokes.

MDWigs: That's a really interesting point, Reichu. I hadn't noticed that before. I wonder if Anno and Co. are smokers?

Reichu: Well, I'd certainly like to think that Anno isn't… But even the great Miyazaki is a notorious chain-smoker, and his films are extraordinarily deprive of this favorite Japanese pastime. So who really knows.