FGC:Episode 01 Cut 044

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 044

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Sachiel crushes the fighter under his foot as he lands.
HeWhoPostsStuff: Sachiel's actions here make me wonder a bit. Though for most of the battle it seems that he's acting more in self-defense than anything else, just sort of swatting away whatever's trying to impede his path and then moving on, here he seems a tad more sadistic in crushing the plane with his foot after he's already shot it down… unless, of course, he just landed on it by chance. I tend to think that he was just made to do this to bring him dramatically close to the cowering Shinji, but others could probably suggest other reasons for his abrupt “Godzilla-esque” behaviour…

Reichu: I agree that he's most likely just stepping on the plane by accident. In real life, the chances of him doing this would probably be fairly slim — it's obviously only happening to add another explosion and additional tension to an action scene (for dramatic effect, as you basically said).

This is the only time you see the three bumps on Sachiel's heel, BTW.

Kendrix: Anno & co were probably too nerdy to *resist* the obvious stomping.