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NGE Revision History: Original → Renewal

This page will keep track of deliberate changes made for the Renewal version, along with unintentional errors not present in the original.

So far, only changes in the visuals and BGM are listed, although any other variety of modification will be included if/when noticed. That said, if you do notice any items missing from the episodes FGC has covered so far (including "temp pages"), please let me know! However, if you feel like making an exhaustive -- even partial -- list of changes ahead of time, or already have one, I will graciously put it on file for future updates to this page.

If you notice any missing items from the episodes we have covered so far (including "temp pages"), please let me know!

Episode #01

Modified Sequence #1

Cut 103 gets a minor addition: A shot of the Renault Alphine (a still frame from C-100 on a black background) when Misato thinks, “...and it's a total wreck already!”

01 C103c.jpg

BGM Change #1: A-6 [I. SHINJI]

Cut No. Original Renewal



FGC 01 C214.jpg


FGC 01 C205a.jpg



FGC 01 C246a.jpg


FGC 01 C239a.jpg

Episode #02


Now, this is rather interesting... Here, we see the same bit of footage twice — once at the beginning of the episode, and again when the battle reprises. Except in Renewal, the first occurrence includes a rather odd glitch and the second time does not.

(Not Glitched)
02 C230a.jpg 02 C230a.jpg
02 C230b.jpg 02 C230b.jpg
02 C230c.jpg 02 C240A c.jpg
02 C230d.jpg 02 C240A d.jpg

Can you make it out? In the glitched version, Sachiel's lance remains frozen on the left edge of the screen, and the upper stream of blood coming from Shogouki's eye is cropped (it's supposed to go off the top of the screen).