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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

OP C017 a.jpg

OP C017 b.jpg

OP C017 c.jpg

OP C017 d.jpg

OP C017 e.jpg

Haruka mirai mezasu tame no hane ga aru koto

(You have the wings with which to fly to the distant future)

EVA-01 rearing.
An eerie, violent image.
The camera pulls back.
12 wings spring forth!!

Reichu: Looks like EVA-01 forgot to take her Tegretol this morning. WARNING: Epileptic seizures may result in the formation of twelve big-ass energy wings. Did I just say “twelve wings”? [cough]foreshadowing![/cough]

Dr. Nick: Nah, they did it better in the 70's (Seizure Warning!)

Reichu: And now for another WARNING: Anyone who had seizures during the "Pocket Monsters" episode “Den'nou Senshi Porigon” and survived, do NOT click on that link! And just to tie that comment back to something vaguely NGE-related, did you know that the two Porigon individuals in that episode were called “Zerogouki” and “Shogouki”? But back to the OP.