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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C029b.jpg

BGM START: C-4 [Waking up in the morning]

Weather Girl:“Yes! Good morning. This is Shinohara.”

Dining room. Misato's dining table has a rice bowl and instant miso soup.


HeWhoPostsStuff: "Waking Up in the Morning" is another very "retro" sounding piece of BGM. Tracks like this tend to give the scenes they accompany a very surreal feeling: NGE overall is focused on the divisions between people, the things they do to hurt each other, etc., while such "Leave it to Beaver"-esque tunes as this one are unapologetically happy-go-lucky. It's as if the soundtrack is trying to ignore what's going on and half-heartedly attempt to put a happy "spin" on it.

In this scene, for instance, Misato is more or less completely brushing Shinji off and making him feel worthless, but the music suggests a scene along the lines of "Honey, I'm home! And guess what, I got a raise and Junior won the science fair!" "That's just spiff-er-iffic, darling! The house is spick and span and the pork chops with applesauce are just about ready; here are your slippers!" The latter scenario, and the music which suggests it, is otherwordly enough as it is, but putting it on top of a scene like this one only makes it even weirder to listen to, from my point of view.

Shin-seiki: Yuko Miyamura (Asuka's VA) is earning her paycheck by doing Weather Girl's voice here (since we still have a ways to go before Asuka shows up).

thewayneiac: Weather Girl is irritatingly perky in this scene.

Reichu: You should see Miyamura in Battle Royale. She's got a gift for it.

Notice the complete transformation of Misato's apartment from the previous episode. As alluded to last time ("She calls this a 'little' messy?!?"), Shinji is a neat freak of Hamtonian proportions. Although cleaning up after Misato seems like it would be a full-time job; one wonders how Shinji finds time for it in between school and work.

OMF: It's Shinji's prudish side, hard at work. He probably couldn't sleep if he felt there was an unwashed dish in the sink! He's rather poignantly set Misato's place at the breakfast table. I wonder if this is his own, silent little way of pleading for attention.

Reichu: I imagine his obsession with cleanliness also serves, on a basic psychological level, as one of the only means by which he can actually bring some order to his life…