FGC:Episode 01 Cut 003

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 003

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

01 C003a.jpg

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Underwater ruins. The Angel comes out into a chasm formed by the buildings.

SE <<Underwater sounds>>

Kendrix: One might wonder why Sachiel is called the "Angel of Water" if one forgets this little silent sequence.

Reichu: Sachiel is tied with Zeruel as my favorite Angel. For me, Sachi exhibits a great deal more personality than the majority of the shito. And the funny bird-face, combined with his lankiness, the flipper-feet, and the naïve attitude, just make him so… cute. (Yeah, I tend to anthropomorphize the Angels a bit, but, strictly speaking, that's 100% legal.) Props to Yoshitoh Asari for the great creature design, as well. As we'll learn later, Sachiel's not the only Angel he's responsible for.

Incisivis: I agree with Reichu about Sachiel's design. I also think it's interesting that Asari gave such a large creature a spindly build, since it's a nice visual contrast from conventional attackers such as Godzilla. Of course, because of Sachiel's size, he still gives an impression of weight and power when he attacks, which is is an even better contrast.

Reichu: And just to get this out of the way: An excruciatingly little-known fact is that the “ch” in “Sachiel” is pronounced as a hard “k” sound. I'm guessing that, since Sachiel's name ultimately comes from Hebrew, it should technically be a guttural “kh” -- but keep in mind that the Angels of NGE are not the angels of Judaeo-Christian lore, so we may as well employ the name pronunciations chosen by the show's creators.