FGC:Episode 01 Cut 002

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut cut002

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

FGC 01 C002a.jpg

FGC 01 C002b.jpg

FGC 01 C002c.jpg

A town submerged in the sea. A giant, humanoid

silhouette advances underwater. There is an Angel.(PAN UP.)SE <<Helicopter sound (from inside)>>

Reichu: Can you imagine this scene having BGM? A while back, I received a tidbit about one of the unused music tracks collected on S² Worksfrom a “Shinji Takase”:A-8: This piece was to have marked the underwater arrival of the Third Angel in the first episode ofthe series, but the idea was eventually scrapped. [Personal speculation is that this piece would have taken away from the impact that the actual first BGM piece in the series that was used (Angel Attack) if the foreboding piece was used beforehand.] The song was not completely forgotten, as it would be used on the Evangelion: Addition CD as part of the background music for a rather comical Drama piece by the Evangelion cast. I was never able to ask him where he got this info, as by the time I got around to replying, he had vanished off the face of the Earth. Shame. Still, it sounds like it could very well be true. (In the S² WorksMusic Menu, the piece A-8 is described as Angel's appearance B.) FYI, A-8 is indeed used in the [../appendix/geektionary.html#addition Addition] [../appendix/geektionary.html track] "DRAMA ‘shuukyoku no tsuzuki’ (kadai)", at around 16:20, when the Space Angels show up.

Someone: What are the six things glowing on Sachiel's back?

Reichu: I've often wondered about those myself… This is actually the only time they are seen. He does have [../appendix/sachiel_back.jpg six holes] in his dorsal carapace, so apparently they each contain asource of bioluminescence.