Evangelion Unit-02 (Anima)

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Evangelion Unit-02
Anima 02.png
Model Type Production Model
Nation of Origin Germany (E.U.)
Affiliation Nerv
Pilot(s) Asuka Langley Soryu
Upgrades/Variants Evangelion Unit-02 Stage II
Unit 02 Stage II Allegorica
Unit 02 Type F
Crimson A1
Debut Backstory of Anima Vol.1
Status Unclear

In Evangelion Anima, Unit-02 was upgraded into Unit-02 Stage II before the start of the story. Much like its NGE counterpart, this version of Unit-02 also faced off against the Mass Production Evas; however, unlike its TV counterpart, it was chosen by Seele as trigger for Third Impact and fought alongside Unit-01 Type F and Unit-00 Type F, and therefore survives the battle.