Evangelion 2.22 Script (Translation)

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This is the translated script from the Japanese DVD/BD release of Evangelion 2.22.

cut notes dialogue translation
☆ ○Tel Op "Preview"
Cut-1 A lake made out of the Geofront. On the lake's surface, a spear is struck through Eva-01. Track Up. The dark pillars are lined up behind. "Rei and Shinji taken into"
Cut-2 Close UP on the eyes glowing faintly. "the frozen Eva-01."
Cut-3 ○Tel Op (Tel Op reads "KEEP OUT. Eva-01 Restricted Area. No Entry Beyond This Point.")
Cut-4 Abandoned and changed city. A group of buildings, similar to a mass tombstone. Track Back. Telephone poles, among other things, have collapsed. "The fortified city abandoned."
Cut-5 ○Tel Op (Tel Op reads "KEEP OUT. Tokyo III. Near Third Impact. Ground Zero.")