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Reichu, I created this as a list of Rules and Regulations for the "EvaPedia", and not the "overall greater EvaCommentary". I'm rewriting it now under the assumption that it is rules and regulations for the Evapedia (is that what we're calling it now?). I don't think you should call this "NGE Fan Geeks Project Rules and Regulations" because they weren't meant to apply to the whole site, and if you want rules over the whole "EvaCommentary" you should create a different set of rules, these were meant to be rules specifically pertaining to the subsection I'm Minionister of. Same goes for moving the "Boot Camp for the Newbies", though that was more of just explaining how to use MedaWiki software and a bit more gray (shrug); at any rate, the "Rules and Regulations" at least I'm making specifically for the "Evawiki/Evapedia" and not the "overall" project. Please focus you attention on this. --V 12:39, 19 August 2007 (EDT)

Wiki Copyright

Erm, technically everything under the wiki is under the GNU Free Documentation Licence, i.e. isn't strictly speaking "owned" by anyone. Gainix/The poster own the copyright, but basically people are free to distribute and modify the work as they see fit. This also means that yes, other people can literally yank everything off the site and post it elsewhere, as long as they say where they got it from. This is kind of the way Wikis work. ObsessiveMathsFreak 20:41, 7 September 2007 (EDT)