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Here you will find a rundown of the rules and regulations of the EvaGeeks Forum. Know them, and know them well. Observation of the classic work Posting and You is also considered a prerequisite to posting.


The purpose of the EvaGeeks Forum is to provide Evangelion fans with a pleasant, mature, and productive atmosphere for the discussion of the show and related topics. The forum also serves as an extension of the EvaGeek site's content and services.


0. Don’t be a jerk.

1. Be a good forum user in general.

  • Have fun and respect others' right to have fun too!
  • Read and understand these rules. If you have a question about something, ask!
  • Listen to the staff. We're just trying to keep the peace so giving us attitude won't help you much.
  • If you are temporarily banned, attempting to circumvent it will in a permanent ban.
  • Only create one account per user. No sockpuppet theater, thanks.
  • Don’t abuse the private messaging system to harass or bully others.
  • If you have a problem with someone that you can’t solve yourself, contact the staff.

2. Present yourself well.

  • Choose a user name that is unique, memorable and inoffensive.
  • Avatar images are limited to 125x125px and 30kb in size.
  • Avoid avatars that are unnecessarily inflammatory, offensive, lewd, or simply in poor taste.
  • Try not to use an avatar that is overly similar to one already in use by another active member.
  • Keep your signature small and non-distracting. No bbc code (other than links) or images.
  • Use common sense in posting a personal picture or in making other contact options available.
  • Use the welcome thread to make an introduction, not a new thread.

3. Post in a form that we can actually read.

  • We use conversational English here, not chan-speak, 133t or any other such nonsense.
  • Use of other languages has no place here unless discussing translation.
  • Compose your thoughts as briefly and in a well-structured form. Use spellchecker.
  • Use special formatting like bold, italics, colored text or nonstandard font sizes sparingly.
  • Boldred and boldgreen text is reserved for official staff use (and red only for something serious).
  • Don’t leave broken bbc code tags in your posts. Preview before you submit!

4. Actively contribute to threads.

  • Stick to the topic. Forum staff may split out worthwhile tangents, but try not to start them.
  • Avoid overly chatty conversations. This is a forum, not a chat room.
  • Use the edit button if you need to add to a prior post rather than double posting.
  • Avoid prolonged, heated arguments that shut down the rest of the thread (aka bumpercars).
  • When in a disagreement, stick to the points, not the people making them.
  • Trolls are not welcome here. If you’re here just for the lulz, don’t bother.
  • The same goes for spammers or ads. This is a forum, not a billboard.
  • Pointless nonsense like “inb4lock” or “First” is strongly discouraged.
  • Don’t be a killjoy. Avoid monotonous negative posting or nihilism baiting.
  • If you aren't a mod don't act like it. Just PM a staff member to address the issue.

5. Use quotes properly.

  • Don’t just quote an entire post. Trim it down to the relevant bit you’re addressing.
  • Stick to the main points. Don’t respond line-by-line to every little thing said (aka omnislashing).
  • If you have nothing to add other than agreement just say so, don’t quote it again.
  • Avoid using nested quotes unless absolutely necessary for context.
  • Make sure your quotes are properly attributed to the correct poster.

6. Use images properly.

  • Images can add a lot to a post, but don’t include them without reason.
  • Replying primarily with an image is discouraged. Use words, not macros or reaction faces.
  • Images with a large filesize should be linked, not embedded. Preferably with a thumbnail.
  • Avoid direct links (hotlinking). Host images on your own site or use a dedicated service.
  • When posting several photos you should use a spoiler and label it appropriately.
  • Some specifically image-heavy threads have their own special rules.

7. Create new threads and navigate older ones with care.

  • Before making a new thread, check to see if a thread already exists on the topic.
  • Bumping an older thread with relevant information or active contribution is encouraged.
  • Bumping a bunch of older threads just because you read them is not.
  • Don't make a new thread to replace one that was just locked. It was locked for a reason.
  • If you wish to make a new thread, make sure you do so in the proper subforum for the topic.
  • Give your new thread a name that makes it clear at a glance what it is about.
  • Polls are turned off for a reason. Don’t make pointless threads like that.

8. Have some common sense and basic human decency.

  • Don’t ask for or provide links to illegally hosted copyrighted material.
  • The same goes for bootleg merchandise or anything plagiarized.
  • The same also goes for pornography. Get your doujins elsewhere.
  • Posting explicit images or content is permitted only when relevant to a legitimate topic.
  • Don’t use the forum to plan, arrange, or enact any activities that are against the law.

9. Be mindful of spoilers.

  • The series, movie, and manga are all considered universally ‘open’ for spoilers at this point.
  • Newer content is considered ‘closed’ until it has been made legally available in the US.
  • Users are expected to keep ‘closed’ details in marked spoiler tags so as not to ruin it for others.
  • Special forum rules may be enacted to address hotbutton items such as the rebuild films.
  • There is no specific policy for spoilers in non-eva media, but use some common sense.

10. What happens elsewhere should stay elsewhere.

  • Drama and complaints about the EvaGeeks IRC Channel do not go to the forum, or vice-versa.
  • The same rule applies to other unofficial communication methods such as skype or steam groups.
  • The staff encourages users to raise issues directly either on the feedback forum or through PMs.