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The Evangelion Cages are the huge hangars inside Nerv HQ where the Evangelions are housed and maintained when not being sortied. The Evangelions are stored standing up inside the cage, largely submerged in liquid while also restrained by enormous metal walls which attached to their bindings. The liquid appears to be used in part to ease the maintenance and repair of the Evas, allowing heavy parts to be floated into place. When the Evangelions are sortied, the cage fluid is drained and both the walkway and cage restraints retract, and the Evangelion is towed out to the launch system terminals.

The cage seen most frequently in the show is that of Eva-01. However, Eva-02 is also shown inside a similar structure. Situated at approximately Eva eye level is a walkway, frequently used by several characters when standing in the cage chamber. High up in the ceiling of Eva-01's cage is the cage control room, when Gendo appears in episodes #01 and #19, staring down at Shinji on the walkway.

The cage appears to be situated reasonably close to the Command center. In Episode #19, Eva-01 crashes through the command center wall, spotting Zeruel in the nick of time. Eva-01 then wrestles the angel back out through another wall into the the Eva cages, and out to the launch terminals.

The main cages appear distinct from the "padded" cages seen when the Evangelions are undergoing testing. A larger cage-like chamber is also shown in Episode #05.

A selection of images of the Cages
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