FGC:Episode 01 Cut 005

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FGC:Episode 01 Cut 005

Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary
Tank battalion at the water's edge.

SE <<Sound of waves; voices of cicadas>>

tv33: The UN using military force? Wow…

Dr. Nick: The United Nations in the NGE universe is quite a different organization than its real-life counterpart; it actually possesses real military strength and its commanders seem to be very trigger-happy people indeed.

felineki: I've heard that there might be an inaccuracy here… Supposedly in the Real World, UN tanks are painted blue. Anyone got confirmation on this?

tv33: The color of the UN is blue, and the soldiers wear blue helmets, but I don't believe they paint their vehicles blue. (Here is a UN vehicle that isn't.) It's probably too much work to paint all of the vehicles, then to repaint them every time they get hit.

thewayneiac: The significance of the cicadas will be explained a little later, as well.