Yuko Miyamura

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Yuko Miyamura
Yuko Miyamura
Characters voiced Asuka Langley Soryu
Birthday 12-4-1972

A selection of other characters voiced by Yuko Miyamura

Great Teacher Onizuka as Nanako Mizuki (ep. 1)

Hyper Police as Natsuki Sasahara

My-HiMe as Alyssa Searrs

NieA 7 as NieA

Outlaw Star as Aisha Clanclan

Those Who Hunt Elves as Ritsuko Inoue

and many others...


  • Appeared as a presenter in the live-action film adaptation of the novel Battle Royale (2000)
  • In September 2007, a thyroid condition called Grave's Disease nearly sidetracked her voice-acting career, as described in her blog entry. Despite this debilitating disease, miraculously "Miyamoo" was able to make a voice-acting comeback for Evangelion 2.0 and the remaining installments of Rebuild of Evangelion.
  • Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, with husband/stuntman Seki Takayuki and a 5-year-old daughter.


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