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Sailor Star Dust
Avatar SSD characature - 200x200.jpg
Name Sailor Star Dust
Real Name Geek in real life
Date of birth 1985 (That feel when you're older than Misato...)
Homeland US & A
Role Scribe and Sys-Op
Lot in life My hobby's writing ^_^
Favorite Episode Prologue Arc: Episode 04, Action Arc: Episode 08, Descent Arc: Episode 15, Bitter End: Episode 22' (Director's Cut) and a tie between 25 & 26 "EoTV" / EoE since both endings describe the mental and physical nature of 3rd Impact so beautifully.
Favorite Character Pilots: Shinji Adults: Misato
Favorite Relationship Asuka/Shinji
Favorite Angel Sachiel and Leliel. And if the SoLs count, tie between Adam (Kaworu) and Lilith (Rei).
Favorite Evangelion Evangelion Unit-01

Neon Genesis Evangelion & Me

I've been an Evangelion fan since 2006, after checking out the subbed Platinum DVDs (and the Renewal fansubs for Death/EoE).

My favorite aspects of the series are the psychological mind trips and the characters themselves. I strongly believe in Yui's EoE lines that things will be alright and there are chances for happiness everywhere. Not only can this be applied to Shinji and Asuka (as well as the rest of humanity that has yet to return) at Eva's ending, but it's also good point about the real world, too. Even if life may seem difficult or sad, pain never has pleasure that far behind.

Currently I'm excited to see where Studio Kara is taking us with Evangelion New Movie Edition; namely (as of this writeup) Shin Eva. Things are getting pretty interesting and certainly unexpected!

Random Quotes I like:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"Well, there could still be a god. Couldn't evolution be the answer to how and not the answer to why?" - Stan Marsh, South Park

Ayanami Rei — Bandages. Mysteries. Indifference. An object of interest. Mother.
Soryu Asuka Langley — Girl. Perplexing. Formidable. Indecipherable. Sex.
Katsuragi Misato — Adult. Superior. Meddlesome. Soldier. Family.
Ikari Gendo — Harsh. Commander. Hatred. Anger. Father. Father. Father....
- Evangelion: Death & Rebirth (Special Edition) Theatrical Program Book