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Reichu mistakes-of-youth.png
Name Reichu
Real Name Rachel K. Clark
Date of birth Early 80s
Homeland NJ, USA
Role Forum Admin, Sysop
Lot in life NEET 4 Life
Favorite Episode Episode 19
Favorite Character Yui-sama
Favorite Relationship Yui/Gendo
Favorite Angel Sachiel/Zeruel tie
Favorite Evangelion Yui-sama

NGE & Me

I've managed to maintain an interest in Neon Genesis Evangelion since I first saw it in Summer 2000. I probably wouldn't be able to do it if not for (A) personal quirks of no particular significance, and (B) an almost unbroken participation in the online fan community, starting in... 2002-abouts.

In the beginning, I drew naked Evas -- back in the days when I could still draw -- and posted them onto my homepage -- back when I actually maintained one. My first forum experience was at Animeboards, but that didn't really go anywhere. I really started to carve out a niche for myself (a niche beyond drawing naked Evas, anyway) when I arrived at AnimeNation's once-glorious Eva subforum in Summer 2003. And, for a time, it was good.

Somehow or another, my reputation began to precede me, as if I'd became a "household name" in certain very niche-y quarters. In some ways this is kind of cool, but in a lot of other ways it's not very fun at all.

I formerly served as the Irresponsible Captain of the now long floating-in-limbo Commentary Project, which many might consider my greatest undelivered fan achievement. I used to run (well... sort of) the old Eva Commentary site with technical help from Mr. Tines, and it was basically "my" site despite the community-based nature of the commentary itself. With the shift to EvaGeeks, I abandoned any pretense of ownership or being some kind of supreme ruler so that the site could be community-run instead.

I was a hotshot admin at EvaMonkey Forums since its early days, although I was probably more restrained back then, when Eva Monkey's presence was more prominent. I continue to terrify the populace at the boards' current incarnation, the EvaGeeks Forums. Not everybody seems to like me -- due to my occasional outbursts of administrative harshness, the easily-misinterpreted ways that my eccentricity shows itself, the perception that I'm an obnoxious know-it-all fanwanker, or whatever else -- but... I guess you can't please everybody.

Even if I only get things done on a geologic time scale, I do still manage to contribute to the fandom here and there. Contribute what, exactly? You know... like... stuff, and things.


The details of my meatsack-incarnation are largely inconsequential. I'm an adult female who struggles with Asperger's Syndrome (yes, I know it's technically just ASD now) and related difficulties. I live in a humble abode with my wonderful husband (whom I met indirectly through EvaGeeks) and a half-naked mitred conure named Donald (after the cartoon duck, naturally). I try to keep myself preoccupied with unimportant -- however riveting -- nonsense to distract myself from my gradually shortening telomeres and the other sad inevitabilities of a universe governed by entropy.

If you want to know more -- due to being, say, a potential employer -- revealing tidbits about my person are scattered throughout my ludicrous number of forum posts. But I'm also pretty accessible if you know just where to look.

On "Reichu"

My moniker seems to have a bad habit of being associated with Rei. In fact, "Reichu" predates my interest in Evangelion, meaning "Reichu" has absolutely nothing to do with the character "Rei". Long story short, it's a fusion of my real name, which goes into Japanese syllables as "Reicheru", and "Raichu" (the Pokemon). Accordingly, it is pronounced "Ray-choo".