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I'm the Grand Mistress, the one who wields the cat-o-nine-tails and stands at the helm of the Manboat when I'm not wandering off preoccupied with less significant geek endeavors.

I've managed to maintain an interest in Neon Genesis Evangelion since I first saw it in Summer 2000. I probably wouldn't be able to do it if not for an almost unbroken participation in the online fan community, starting in... I can't remember. But I really started to carve out a niche for myself (a niche beyond drawing naked Evas, anyway) when I arrived at AnimeNation's once-glorious Eva subforum in 2003. Somehow or another I became one of those "big name" Internet Eva dorks. In some ways this is kind of cool, considering how empty and depraved my real life is (har har), but it has its downsides, like those people who really don't like me for some reason, and those people who believe everything I say without question, and stuff.

But, anyway. The Fan-Geeks project is my baby, and if there's anything I do to my babies it's chronically neglect them. Fortunately, I wouldn't procrastinate quite as much if these babies were ridiculously demanding organisms rather than personal projects I get easily distracted from.

So, yeah. This page. Is totally. Incoherent.