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Name Yeomans
Real Name -
Date of birth January 18th, 19XX
Homeland Canada
Role Overenthusiastic Editor
Lot in life Something something video games.
Favorite Episode 25'+26'
Favorite Character Gendo Ikari
Favorite Relationship Gendo & Yui
Favorite Angel Ramiel
Favorite Evangelion Eva Shirizu

Yeomans is a user on the wiki. That's all you need to know. You can stalk his Contributions here. He's ashamed of his old writings, and finds them cringe-worthy.


  • Eva
  • Video Games
  • Programming
  • J-Rock Music
  • Organizing and consolidating information


  • Campus Apocalypse (Who thought giving Shinji a gun was a good idea?)
  • Magical Girls
  • Competitive Gaming

To Do List (In No Particular Order)