Refrain of Evangelion

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Refrain of Evangelion
  • Japan King Records
  • U.S.A. Geneon
Release Date
  • Japan May 26, 2003
  • U.S.A. November 09, 2004
Media Type Audio CD
Author Shiro Sagisu

Refrain of Evangelion is an audio CD released by King Records in May 26, 2003 in Japan and Geneon on November 9, 2004 in the United States. The CD contains 26 of the best tracks from the main series of Evangelion, including a previously unreleased song "Everything you've ever dreamed" recorded in English.

Track Listing

Refrain of Evangelion
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Suiten Fur Violincello Solo Nr. 1 G-dur, BWV. 1007 1. Vorspiel"  J.S. Bach  
2. "Decisive Battle"     
3. "Angel Attack"     
4. "The Beast" ((Quick Tempo))   
5. "Thanatos"     
6. "Marking Time, Waiting for Death"     
7. "The Beast II"     
8. "Kanon D-dur"  Johann Pachelbel (Strings Orchestra)  
9. "Rei I"     
10. "Misato"     
11. "Asuka Strikes!"     
12. "Fly Me to the Moon/Aya"     
13. "Fly Me to the Moon/Aki"     
14. "Fly Me to the Moon/Misato, Rei, Asuka"     
15. "Next Episode (30 Second Version)"     
16. "Cruel Angel's Thesis (TV Size Version)"  Yoko Takahashi  
17. "Soul's Refrain"  Yoko Takahashi  
18. "Thanatos – If I Can't Be Yours"  Loren & Mash  
19. "Mother Is the First Other"     
20. "Borderline Case"     
21. "Expansion of Blockade"     
22. "The Heady Feeling of Freedom (OP Strings)"     
23. "Good, or Don't Be (OP-2D Type)"     
24. "Opening of a Dream (Piano Leave It to Version)"     
25. "Komm, süsser Tod"  Arianne  
26. "Everything You've Ever Dreamed"  Arianne  
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